It’s our dream to make life more rewarding, connected, less isolating, more sustainable, enjoyable and fun. We want beautiful space that is walkable, promotes interactions with neighbors, inspires a sense of community and fosters people belonging to their place. We believe that by putting our heart and passion in to the minute details of design and construction we will create homes, shop spaces, parks, sidewalks, roads, trails and communities to positively influence how we live & interact with each other, thus making the world a better more livable place. Join us on the journey to better living.


At Matthews, LLC we take a different approach then most in our community.  We acknowledge the influence that buildings and street space has on our daily lives.  The built environment touches so much of our lives.  We need to understand the big picture while having a mastery of the details.  The experience from the street, sidewalk, shop or cafe as well as inside the home are all important and related.  The wealth of the neighborhood is influenced by the cost of living in the neighborhood.


Is the architecture timeless?

We want the building and neighborhoods to be loveable and timeless.  Buildings are too expensive for us to justify ‘fad’ architecture.  We promote building with local materials that are proven to stand the test of time.  We use a lot of Indiana Limestone and brick manufactured in Indiana.  Our buildings are not glitzy, but they reflect the specific historical significance of the location.  Interiors have tall ceilings, and are engineered for redesign and easy reconfiguration.


Is the building durable?

How low is the maintenance inside and outside?  Limestone and brick are some of the most durable building materials in the midwest.  They age with beauty and grace and can be cleaned every few decades if needed.  Limestone headers, unlike steel lintels above windows and doors, do not need to be painted and will not rust and fail 40-80 years from now.  “Faux limestone,” made from concrete wears with age, and exposes the rocks in the aggregate, diminishing it’s value.  A building is an investment for the resident, but it’s also an investment in the community and neighborhood.  We honor that responsibility and build houses that will last.


Are the design and construction efficient?

Energy cost money and time is money.  We pay attention to the details of energy efficiency both concerning the buildings and how we live inside the city.  We try to save time and money for our residents and also for the generations that will live her after we are gone.  Some projects are pursuing LEED certification, others are built to those standards without the 3rd party inspections (to reduce cost).  We care about the environment and we know the details needed to make your home or office more energy efficient and require less energy to build.  The site layout, or developments also focus on walkability, and we design our homes to encourage residents to enjoy walking and interacting with the neighborhood.