Reservation – Guest Parking

Please use this system to reserve a spot for your visitor.  There are two options, 1-day passes and multi day passes.  Visitors are to park in the surface lot between the Commerce Center and 300 East LaSalle.  On google maps, this parking lot is labeled as the 400 East LaSalle Parking Lot.


The 400 East LaSalle parking lot is open to the public as a 2-hour visitor lot for those visiting 300 East LaSalle and the Commerce Center Office Building.  Registered guests are permitted to stay longer, but we must have their license plate, vehicle color and manufacture, and phone number (in case we need the vehicle moved).  During times of heavy snow, we may have alternate parking locations.


We reserve the right to close the parking lot to guests at any time.  If we do this, we will do our best to make other guest parking arrangements available.  If a guest is going to leave a vehicle for 3 days without moving it, please let the leasing office know.


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