TRANSPO RFP – Matthews, LLC Proposal

TRANSPO RFP – Matthews, LLC Proposal

We have a proposal in to Transpo for acquiring 10 acres of land they own and are no longer using near Howard Park. Visit to learn more about the Matthews, LLC proposal. Thank you for taking the time,

David Matthews, Matthews, LLC

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We love Howard Park, and we know you do, too. Right now the South Bend community has a great opportunity to improve this treasured space, and Matthews, LLC, wants to help! This website outlines Matthews, LLC’s, response to TRANSPO’s Request For Proposal (RFP) for developing 10 acres of land adjacent to Howard Park. TRANSPO, South Bend’s regional bus authority, is currently reviewing the top three proposals that were submitted and will soon decide who will have the opportunity to build on this property.

TRANSPO’s RFP was two-fold. First, they requested a purchase offer for the land. Second, they requested a site plan showing how the property might be developed. Matthews, LLC, responded with two site plans. The first includes development on the 10-acre parcel that is for sale (the Primary Plan), and the second looks at development for the entire neighborhood (The Creative Plan).

The videos below are supporting documentation for Matthews, LLC’s, involvement in the community and demonstrate the Primary Plan and Creative Plan, respectively.


Presentation of the Matthews, LLC, Primary Plan:

Presentation of the Matthews, LLC, Creative Plan, and an offering of ideas to get a conversation going on better utilizing the river, parks, and natural beauty in downtown South Bend:

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Matthews, LLC, proposals for the TRANSPO development site. If you live in the neighborhood and want to have your voice heard, please take a moment to fill out this 2-minute survey: Howard Park Resident Survey

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