We strive to improve neighborhoods and develop connections between our residents, tenants, and community. We contribute to our area by supporting the arts and education, mentoring young and local entrepreneurs, purchasing as much as possible locally, and engaging in volunteer opportunities and service. We are active participants in making this a better place to live, work, and play. We asked for recommendations from those we work with and the overwhelming response is an honor. Thank you for enabling us to do good by doing good business.  –David Matthews, Matthews, LLC


Valerie Schey, City Council Representative, City of South Bend
“David has incredible vision for the work he does as a developer. He has turned barren parcels of property into attractive residential developments that serve as an asset for our community. David’s attention to detail in his design and construction is second to none. The buyers of David’s properties are certain to be delighted with the quality of his work.” May 15, 2013


Greg Hughes, Vice President of Sales, Notre Dame Sports Properties
“David is an aggressive entrepreneur who thinks outside the box. He has made a great impact to the South Bend community. In particular the downtown area.” December 3, 2013


Greg Downes, Chairman of the Board, Gibson Insurance
“David Matthews has changed the face of Downtown South Bend in a matter of just a couple of years by using his skills and drive to create a buzz about living here. His two projects are attractive, well built and affordable, and will help to establish the residential critical mass needed for the city.” April 19, 2013


Sheila Sieradzki, VP Business Banking; Commercial Lender, Centier Bank
“David Matthews is keenly focused on the true needs of our community. He is determined to provide life-changing urban developments that enable us to stay connected and improve our overall quality of life. This type of development is what will continue to attract and retain top talent and quality businesses to St Joseph County and surrounding areas. Working with David is an enlightening and energizing experience! Sheila Flint Sieradzki Vice President; Centier Bank” December 4, 2013


Doug Bolles, Palm & Associates
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
“Our Surveying and Engineering Firm has consulted with David for over 8 years now. David’s approach to his projects is unique, imaginative and innovative. His choices in management team(s) and his own expertise have made his projects a pleasure to be involved with. I would not hesitate to recommend David and his company as a first choice.” December 3, 2013


Debra Wisler, Advisor & Data Coordinator, University of Notre Dame
“David Matthews has supported Notre Dame TRiO Upward Bound by giving freely of his time and expertise to our program participants who are high school students in the South Bend area. He is able to inspire and connect with the participants because he has graduated from the same high school as some of our students. David tells the students, in a very humble manner, of his education and success in business and how he would like to see South Bend’s Downtown revived. This was something new for the students to think about. When David speaks of his passion for travel and shows his photos, the students have a lot of questions and he answers them all. One student asked how David ended up in business when he had majored in Engineering. The response was that engineering is problem solving and this helped him immensely in his business of real estate and building. Another great piece of advice was to choose wisely with whom you spend your time. David has also donated in-kind to our annual fundraiser for the underrepresented youth in our community that participate in the TRiO programs. Thank you, David Matthews!” December 2, 2013


Jenny Dolph, Promotions Producer, ABC 57 – WBND
“As someone who works in news, it feels like more often than not, we deal with unfortunate situations and people tearing apart families and our community. David Matthews is the bright spot on the other end of that spectrum. He works tirelessly trying to build up South Bend and bring new business and opportunity to our city. It has been a pleasure to get to know him and watch his projects evolve. I am excited to see what new and promising ventures he sets his sights on next.” December 2, 2013


James Summers Owner of The Summers Group, llc – Small business development firm
“David Matthews is the visionary our community has needed. He has recognized the greatest assets of our community and created incredibly beautiful developments that enhance those assets and make our community more livable and attractive. I can’t wait to see what’s next.” December 2, 2013


Trevor Gasper, Partner, May Oberfell Lorber
“David has the rare gift of both vision and follow through. He has a good business mind and my interactions with him have always been positive.” December 3, 2013


Judy Jankowski, Director- External Affairs, AT&T
“David is an asset to our community. I admire his innovative ideas and his commitment to building our downtown into the kind of place that anyone would want to live, work and shop in.” December 4, 2013


Ben Sanders, Owner, BX Films
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“David has been a highly relatable, kind, and trustworthy landlord for BX Films at the Emporium building in South Bend. He works closely with us and others to find mutually conducive solutions to any issues that arise. David has a strong commitment to downtown South Bend and we are excited to see him working to create living spaces, work spaces, and culture in the downtown area.” December 3, 2013


Andrea Rogers, Owner, Grass Roots Media, Inc
“David has proven himself as a developer, an entrepreneur, a community organizer and a neighbor. He is committed to enriching his hometown and helping to create the kind of community we all want to be part of. I appreciate David’s tenacity as well as his ability to inspire others to participate. I’m grateful to have his energy and vision in my community.” December 4, 2013


Jeff Harrison, Realtor, Prudential One, Realtors
“Vision-Energy-Creativity. Great things are happening in South Bend. David’s projects and success have helped set the stage for a bright future.” December 4, 2013


Steve Infalt, Executive Vice President, United Beverage Company
“David is a tremendous architect with a great vision for downtown South Bend. He has already successfully executed 2 housing projects in downtown South Bend and has plans for several more. His finished products speak for themselves, completed on time and within budget, they are uniquely different, but have certainly appealed to the community as both are sold out.” December 3, 2013


Pete Owsianowski, Advisor, Spearhead Sales & Marketing
“Dave Matthews is the kind of person who would do well on on any team. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dave from the many networking servant leadership opportunities around town and from the South Bend Rotary Club. He is a visionary businessman with an eye towards making our community more vibrant and livable. He lives by example and makes a positive impact on our business community and private sector efforts.” December 3, 2013


Billy Vail
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“I have had the pleasure of interacting with David on a couple of projects. His humility, willingness to serve while always looking for ways to improve our community should be a model for our city. Thanks Dave!” December 3, 2013


Susan Visser, Executive Director, South Bend Museum of Art
“David is a creative thinker and an expert at getting the right things done right. His leadership and vision have brought new vitality, energy and beauty to downtown South Bend.” December 3, 2013


Tim Vicsik, Realtor, Home Gallery Realtors
“David has a keen eye on the future of South Bend. It has been a pleasure working with David and his construction is second to none!” December 2, 2013


Shawn Dickens, Manager, Emporium Restaurant
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
“Dave is an excellent Landlord to the East Bank Emporium. Dave shows concern for the business and is a very available to me when needed.” December 3, 2013


Shane Sult, Licensed Appraiser, Appraisal Group, Inc
“I have worked with David in the past and present and have seen growth, experience and knowledge on his behalf in the Real Estate Industry. We are very fortunate to have David at a Local and Regional Level. I look forward in the progress and the working relationship we have developed and I highly recommend David Matthews.”December 2, 2013


Phillip St. Clair, Director Dept. of Parks and Recreation, City of South Bend
“I’ve had the opportunity to get to know David as a member of the South Bend Park Foundation and also as a businessman who takes great pride in his community. David is a great visionary who consistently puts words into action. I look forward to working with him in the future as we all work together making South Bend a great place to live.” December 2, 2013


Kathye Davidson, Realtor-Administrative Assistant, Weichert, Realtors-Jim Dunfee & Associates
“David provides cutting-edge developments with attention to detail and perfection to every customer. He has breathed new and exciting life to downtown South Bend for his innovating and award-winning designs-most of which sold/sells before construction even begins. I would recommend David and his company, Matthews, LLC to anyone looking to live a new and refreshing urban lifestyle. Kathye” December 3, 2013


Steve Smith, Broker Associate, Irish Realty
“David is a talented developer of multi-family property near Notre Dame and the East Bank in South Bend’s growing downtown. I have shown and SOLD his townhomes, as well as listed properties for David.” December 2, 2013


Terry Bush, Past President, The Rotary Club of South Bend
“I’ve enjoyed getting to know David through our mutual involvement in the Rotary Club of South Bend. David’s desire to help transform downtown South Bend into a better place to reside, work and enjoy life is impressive. His enthusiasm is contagious, and I appreciate his passion for his – my – and our city of South Bend.” December 2, 2013


Nancy Tetzlaff, Marketing/Sales, Praxair
“Last year I started a non-profit called Lots of Hope. We purchase vacant lots in the near northwest neighborhood and turn them into usable green spaces. David has given sound advice throughout this process. He has a great passion for downtown South Bend and the surrounding neighborhoods.” December 3, 2013


Kamiel Vandevoorde, President and CEO, Welded Products ( A div. of Van Co)
“Working as a contractor ( railings, fences, gates ) for David Matthews is a rewarding and enriching experience. With his strong background in engineering and architecture David’s professional approach as a developer is stimulating and always brings interesting exchanges of ideas about resulting in success for both developer and contractor.” December 2, 2013


Gino Catanzarite
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“David is very dependable, detail oriented and reliable. He puts all of he experience in everything he’s working on, all the way to completion.” December 3, 2013


Rich Hall, Engineer Principal Systems, Honeywell Aerospace
“David put up the use of his home/townhouse for an evening as a charity auction prize. My wife and I were guests of the winner. We understand that David went out of his way to reconfigure his place to accommodate the needs of our group. He was there, in person, to welcome us, and to insure our continued comfort. It was a pleasure to meet him and chat for a few minutes. We found David to be relaxed and personable.” December 3, 2013


Jill Ender, Paralegal, May Oberfell Lorber
“David is very professional, knowledgeable and a true visionary.” December 3, 2013


Al Brasseur, President, Harbor Springs Financial Management, LLC
“David has developed a new attitude in the area, with innovative architectural developments in the local community. This has created a number of synergies among groups causing a rebirth in positive developments and new businesses. Congrats!” December 3, 2013


Laura Simeri, Owner, dtl, inc d.b.a. Madison Oyster Bar
“David is an avant-garde visionary. He is creating beautiful, functional and affordable housing which is transforming the urban landscape in South Bend, IN. David’s foresight and attention to detail is proving to be pivotal in the revitalization of our city’s downtown.” December 3, 2013


Jeffery Johnson, Partner, May Oberfell Lorber
“David is a tireless “can do” real estate developer. Once he decides to take on a project he will make sure that it is completed and that it is a very nice looking end product. He is almost single handedly reviving the downtown South Bend residential market. If you want something done in the world of real estate development you can do no better than Dave Matthews.” December 3, 2013


Sherry Heminger, Security, SMG
“David is a detail oriented person with his ear to the ground to the needs of the general public. He is passionate about making the future a brighter place for the people of South Bend.” December 3, 2013


Jim Connelly, Chairman, Jim Connelly & Associates
“David is a world class developer. He is a “cradle to grave” expert in the building industry. He is a man of integrity and vision and a man you can trust. I recommend David for any and all aspects in the building and architectural world. You can trust him with your money.” April 19, 2013


Susan Warner, Executive Director, South Bend Education Foundation
“It is encouraging to watch the transformation that is occurring in available housing, as the result of the developments that David is bringing to South Bend.” April 19, 2013


Ann Carol Nash, Assistant City Attorney, City of South Bend
“I first met David when he participated in the City of South Bend Local Government Academy. He was at that time exploring some development projects. I have had the great pleasure of watching him succeed with several great housing developments, making South Bend an exciting place to live, and infusing energy into our downtown. His housing reflects the beauty of surrounding historical structures while providing modern amenities for people who live and work here. We are very fortunate to have David investing his talent and vision here in south Bend.” April 18, 2013


Connie Ackles – Commercial Real Estate Research, Director of Business Development, Grubb & Ellis|Cressy & Everett
“David has a wonderful, far reaching, energized vision for the City of South Bend that he implements in his design and development features for the town houses along the St. Joseph River and East Race way. His love for the city along with a pro-active Downtown South Bend Inc. — will help transform us to a vibrant, eclectic downtown area.”April 18, 2013


Glen Neely, Agent, State Farm Insurance
“David has great plans to bring South Bend to life and rejuvenate the community. His building plans and work along the St. Joseph river has helped to strengthen interest in living and working downtown!” April 18, 2013


Lee MacMillan, Engineering manager, Robert Bosch
“David has the drive and risk-taking skills of an entrepreneur and the attention to detail of an engineer. He implemented a well thought out business plan in his first venture into residential construction and has parlayed that initial experience into an impressive track record of building upscale town homes in the South Bend/Notre Dame area. He displays the leadership and networking skills of a much older and more experienced businessman. He is well on his way towards meeting his goal of making downtown South Bend a vibrant and exciting place to live.” April 19, 2013


Mark Hiatt, Director, Spectron mrc, LLC
“I learned of David and his expertise in Property development while looking to purchase one of the East Race Townhomes in Downtown South Bend. He was patient while I worked to try and convince my wife to purchase and his attention to detail, as well as his passionate desire to make the Downtown area a ‘go to destination’ was inspiring.” April 19, 2013


Dave Horein, President, Owner, Grade-Rite Excavating, Inc.
“I appreciate the vision and creativity that David has brought to the South Bend Area.” April 19, 2013


Velvet Canada, Designer
“David has a passion and great vision for his home town and Urban living. He has a just do it attitude! It’s this attitude that makes working for him a pleasure. No dream/idea is too small or too large to be achieved. He is great at networking and helping others achieve their dreams and goals. His problem solving ability is awesome and one of his greatest assets. Truly an awesome person to have on your team and know as a friend.” April 18, 2013


Jay Harwood, President, Rose Brick & Materials
“David is a bright young developer who has a passion for the city of South Bend. Our community needs more leaders with this type of energy and drive. As a lifetime South Bend native we are extremely lucky to have him on our team.” April 18, 2013


Al Cowham, Owner, Cowham Contractors
“David has an understanding of what it takes to envision a project from an idea to completion.  His Ivy Quad project incorporated residential living within an extension of the Notre Dame college campus.” April 19, 2013


Donnie Rogers, Owner / VP Technology, Grass Roots Media, Inc
“Dave’s efforts toward revitalizing the downtown residential landscape, as well as his continued interest in making the area a better place to live make him someone to watch. Our community truly benefits from new vibrant young leaders like him.” April 22, 2013


Phil Damico, Director of Business Growth, Chamber of Commerce
“I have had the privilege of knowing Dave Matthews for the last three years.  During that time I have seen a person who has exuded great passion and desire for making a difference in the South Bend community. Dave has consistently looked for ways to help South Bend prosper, grow and succeed, in the same time providing a better quality of life for many of its residents. Dave, through hard work, has shown that he is both creative and not afraid to take risk. By demonstrating both of those qualities, he has provided new housing and development options, as well as helped to revitalize the downtown area of south Bend. Dave’s passion to improve South Bend’s quality of life has been contagious, and will continue to help transform the community we live in. For all of the reasons listed above, I recommend and endorse Dave Matthews, as a person who is making a difference for our region. Phil D’Amico” April 22, 2013


Thom Villing, President/Co-Founder, Villing & Company
“As a long time resident of South Bend, it is always refreshing to see someone become engaged with the community and bring new vision and ideas. David has done just that. His development projects are a real boost to the economy and the quality of life here in our community.” April 23, 2013


Ryan Sousley, State Farm Insurance
“As a life-long resident of the Michiana area and a proud member of the community…I am truly grateful for Dave’s ongoing vision and relentless efforts in revitalizing the city’s landscape and ultimately promoting the community’s well being. Dave is a true visionary and will be one of the main influential components responsible for the rebirth of the downtown area. I recommend and endorse Dave Matthews as a difference maker within the community.” April 25, 2013


Christi Balsbaugh, Therapeutic Specialty Representative/Senior Healthcare Representative, Pfizer
“Matthews, LLC is a company committed to making the Michiana area the premier place to live. David is putting his heart and soul into not only the buildings but also the communities that he is creating.” April 29, 2013


Maury Hoban, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Allied Signal
“David has the vision to conceive and develop projects that add to the community as well as make business sense. He has exceptional talent and is able to work within a team environment to drive his projects to fruition. Amazing skills for a young professional.” April 29, 2013