East Bank Eats

Welcome to East Bank Eats (EBE), a groundbreaking venture presented by Matthews, LLC that is set to improve South Bend’s food service industry. Our commitment is rooted in the belief that food service employees deserve respect, mentorship, and a supportive work environment.


We offer a comprehensive benefits package to our employees which includes health insurance, paid time off, flexible schedules, educational support, and profit sharing. We believe in cultivating a culture of mutual respect, a place where each team member is valued and heard.


Our unique management mentoring program opens doors for employees with a minimum of 6-months tenure to develop their leadership skills. They are given access to company financials and a say in the decision-making process. Furthermore, an entrepreneurship fund will launch in 2024 to support those team members with aspirations to launch their own food service business.


East Bank Eats is our answer to the prevalent issue of high turnover rates and burnout in the food service industry. We believe there’s a better, more sustainable way to support our hardworking staff and ensure their job satisfaction.




What is the multi-million dollar investment East Bank Eats is making?
EBE brings together a wealth of resources which include restaurant incubators at the Emporium Building and the Commerce Center on the East Race, the Advanced Incubator Kitchen at the River Bend building, the East Race Market grocery store, and restaurants at 521 East Jefferson and 121 S Niles. We are also proud of our partnership with DMTM Inc, who provides exceptional employee services, and our real estate partners who facilitate competitive facilities and equipment.


What does East Bank Eats look for when recruiting?
At East Bank Eats, we value trustworthiness, competence, and friendliness. These core attributes define our team and help create a positive, productive working environment.


Where is East Bank Eats located?
As a growing company, our focus is on making the East Bank neighborhood a regional food destination. By keeping our locations within the East Bank neighborhood, employees who live nearby can easily commute, even when picking up shifts at different locations.


About Matthews LLC
Matthews, LLC is an urban living lifestyle brand for projects that follow our vision focusing on urban development and community culture in South Bend, Indiana. For more information, visit www.MatthewsLLC.com.


Learn more about working at EastBank Eats by contacting Ben Dahl at (574) 500 – 2858

Welcome to the future of food in South Bend!